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Breaking Free of Your Past


You are worthless.

You are stupid.

You will not amount to anything.

You are a disappointment.

Though words like these were told when we were children or by a co-worker, the words can still sting and crush how we see ourselves as adults. We tell ourselves to move forward and not believe the words, but they linger and stay with us, to the point of clouding our perspective and even tormenting us.

“Why couldn’t I do more with my life” or “Why am I such a loser?” As women and mothers, it is so easy to point out our flaws and the things that we didn’t do. It even makes us feel guilty and blame ourselves for not spending our time wisely or not doing more with our lives.

Sometimes when I feel like this, I want to be a turtle and hide in my shell. I want to close myself off from people because I am ashamed for lacking in so many areas. When I am like this, I can’t think about my future because I am so stuck in the past that is affecting my present life.  I also do not want to be around people because I have hardened my heart from getting hurt from another person.

It is a rough road to be on alone. Yet, we don’t need to believe in those negative words. We just need to turn to God who loves us and sent His Son to save us. Also, remember that no person’s life is so horrible that God can’t do something wonderful in His timing.

Rahab was a prostitute

David was a murderer and committed adultery

Paul persecuted Christians

Peter denied Jesus

It is easy to allow the past to dictate our lives and to numb pain through food, television, and keeping busy, but when Jesus died on the cross, he washed away every dirty stain, our tears, and past wounds with his blood. He transformed us into new creations. The old life is gone and a new life has begun (2 Cor. 5:17).

As Easter is coming, may this be a reminder to lay the shattered pieces of your life at the foot of the cross and be healed within. You are a new creation who is being molded daily to the likeness of Jesus Christ. Be free from the garbage of the past and remember that you were chosen by Christ for a purpose.