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Christ Strenthens Me

Christ Strenthens Me

I am going to be honest. I have been struggling and fighting all week with myself. I can’t help being disappointed with not being a better mother to my kids, having no energy to talk to my spouse, and not writing in this blog more. For some reason, I have no strength and all I want to do is cry under the bed covers.
I know that I am in a rut, so I have been praying Philippians 4:13to remind me that even though I feel like nothing is right, Christ will give me strength.



I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.
I can wake up happy.
I can speak gently to my children.
I can be faithful.
I can have self-control, even when the kids are fighting with each other.
I can spend little moments with Him each day.
I can make time for my husband, even though I’m tired.
I can spend intentional time having fun with my children.
I can speak gently.
I can follow my motherhood mission statement.
I can allow myself rest even though the house is dirty.
I can pray with my children each day.
I can create a new story for myself.
I can keep fighting to be the mom/wife that He wants me to be.
I can be patient.
I can have peace.
I can have grace.
I can let go of trying to be perfect and accept His grace.
I can have joy.
I can be a fruit-bearing mom.
I can make it through each day.

I will pray and recite this over and over when I am feeling helpless, so I can remember it is Christ who strengthens and carries me when I am weak. He will never leave me. Is there a prayer that you hold close to your heart and recite continually?