Monthly Archives: September 2011

Fear or Faith?



There are some mothers who make decisions out of fear and are always asking the “what if” questions. A child living in this environment will feel constant anxiety and stress that will bring problems with confidence and energy. This is because young children are sensory oriented and when he senses fear in the mother through her voice or facial expressions, he knows she is hesitant or uncomfortable with a situation.

I often see this with moms who drop their child off in the church nursery for the first time. Though the mom needs the break and wants to attend service, she is hesitant because she is fearful of her child’s safety and/or concerned if the volunteers are capable of taking care of the child properly. Since children can understand fear even before they speak, they will sense and then react accordingly. Usually, through crying and not wanting to separate from mom.

As moms, we need to be cautious that our fears do not dominate our lives. Instead, we need to live by faith, so we can see a deeper sense of purpose and God’s blessings in the lives of our children. For challenges are not something to fear, but are opportunities to see God work since God is always bigger than anything our children will face. A mom of faith believes that “in all things God works for the good of those who love him” (Romans 8:28). Thus, she knows that she can be the biggest hindrance to her children.

To avoid being a fear-filled mom, we must examine our lives to see how God has worked in our life. If we had a life that was filled with love, opportunities, good friends, and nice memories, we are blessed. Yet, if we lived a life of difficulty, it may be necessary to reflect on lessons learned from experiences by asking how it impacted? What would we do differently? How did God step in? By doing this, it will help the mom to be less driven by fear and more free from fears that can impact the children negatively.