Thanks for Reminding Me…


When I was young, I had the desire to be one of those women who “made a difference” in the world. I planned on becoming a missionary in North Korea or a teacher who inspired her students daily. Yet, after becoming a mother, I felt that to be a good mother, I had to put all my dreams about making a difference on hold since raising children would limit my ability to serve Him. For raising a two-year old and a seven-year old has restricted my time to do things outside the home. I now have a lack of time to do community service, organize church activities, or even be a vocal encouragement to other moms.
It made me question, “Am I just mama?” The thought made me happy because of my years of struggle to get pregnant and a bit sad because I wanted to be known more than someone’s mama. Yet, I was reminded how the Bible is full of examples of women who impacted the world through motherhood. These women as Hannah, Mary, Ruth, and Moses’ mother not only raised children who changed the course of history, but also made a huge contribution to their children’s success. They all did this through simple maternal faithfulness.

In Elizabeth Elliot’s Mothers pamphlet, she wrote:
(God) calls some to be single, some married people to be childless, but He calls most women to be mothers. There are, the Bible tells  us, “differences in gifts,” and they’re all given to us according to God’s grace. None of the gifts of my own life–not my “career” or my work  or  any other gift—is higher or more precious to me than that of being someone’s mother.

Mrs. Elliot considers the highest and most precious gift in her life to be the gift of motherhood, above and beyond being a missionary, a well-known speaker and author, and an example of godliness to women around the world. And she had only one child. Reading this was a big encouragement to me, as it is easy for me to doubt the importance of what I am doing.


About JulieJK

After Julie had her first child in 2004, she felt God was calling her into ministry to be a Children's Minister. She feels blessed to be part of such a supportive church community that not only financially supported her education as a seminary student at Moody Theological Seminary, but has also provided endless discipleship, counseling, and encouragement. Julie has been married for eleven years and has two beautiful children. She considers both children a gift from God and acknowledges that parenting takes a lot of prayer and wisdom. When she is not sweating out pages for her book, she enjoys spending time with friends, reading a good book, and drinking lots of coffee.

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